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If you'd like to help your child improve their grammar, strengthen their vocabulary, and develop their reading comprehension skills, then you should teach them how to use a dictionary to learn. Learn how to help your child employ a dictionary correctly, continue reading the post below.

How to Use a Dictionary to Learn

  1. To use the dictionary, your child first needs to know the order of the letters by heart. To help them, practice the alphabet song regularly until they can sing it back comfortably.
  2.  the next tip is to actually give your child a dictionary that they can use. Since this will be the first dictionary they own, get them a simple, updated, portable English dictionary.
  3. After they get their dictionary, sit down with them to explain the dictionary to them, its different componetns, and what they can learn from them (for example, the part of speech and the phonetic symbols).
  4. Of course, you will also have to teach your child to search the dictionary. The first step is to identify the section of the word's first letter. Then, the guide words at the top of the pages will take them to the wanted word.
  5. Lastly, your child should understand what the unknown words mean. Encourage them to look up unknown words in the definitions to guarantee that they understand the word's meaning.

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