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If, when you're studying or doing homework, you feel your focus drifting away after a few minutes, this post will help you improve your attention span.

How to Improve Concentration

Sleep and Eat Well

If you've ever been hungry or sleepy, then you know how hard it is to focus when you don't have these two basic needs met. For that reason, among many others, you should sleep and eat well if you want to focus all of your energy on learning.

Prepare the Right Environment

How can you focus with the TV on, your sibling playing with you, and your school supplies in the other room?  To focus, you need to prepare a distraction-free, fully equipped, and comfortable environment to work in.

Set Goals and a Schedule

The lack of focus can happen because you have no clear direction or motivation to do your work. To remedy this, set specific, doable goals that can give you something to work towards. A schedule that determines what you'll do and at what time can also help.

Take a Few Breaks

Though this can seem counterproductive, focusing for a long time on one task can be exhausting, which can make it more challenging to keep your focus. That's why you should take a few, short breaks here and there to improve your concentration.

Enroll in Tutoring Classes

Lastly, if your inability to focus on your school work is due to a poor learning experience, enrolling in tutoring classes can be of assistance. An expert tutor can provide the attention, time, and guidance you require to learn better.

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