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If you don't want to spend your whole summer vacation sitting on your couch, watching life go by, here are a few ideas of goals you should try to accomplish during your break.

Goals to Accomplish this Summer


Reading over the summer will help you keep your mind awake, your academic skills sharp, and your time well spent. If you don't read that much to begin with, having the goal to read for half an hour each day will take you in the right direction.


Just as reading, writing and keeping a journal over the summer can help your academic skills tremendously. Moreover, writing out your feelings and thoughts will help you stay emotionally and mentally healthy.


While school may be out for summer, this doesn't mean you should completely forget about your academics. Studying and going over your notes during the break will prevent summer learning loss.


Engaging in physical activities is key to having an enjoyable and productive summer for your body and mind. Walk every day, play with your friends, or enroll in fitness classes to keep your body moving.


Since your mind isn't being challenged by school during the break, you should try learning new things to keep it fully alert. Try cooking, gardening, or taking on an instrument to build up your skills and make your summer more interesting.


Finally, you should travel, if possible. If you can't visit some place exotic, going to a neighboring town will help you break out of the routine, learn new things, have new experiences, and create memories.

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