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Improve a Child´s Ability to Learn Through Nutrition

We previously discussed how tutoring provides incredible benefits for improving education and complimenting school, in our post here. However, there is also many other factors that play an important role in how well your child learns, for example the food they eat. At Tutoring Center in Stone Mountain we know how important nutrition is and how large a role it plays in the learning abilities of your child. That is why today we want to share a few tips for helping children eat healthy and nutrition pack foods that will allow their bodies to develop correctly and their brains to better absorb information.

Avoid Sugar for Better Attention and Improved Concentration

Sugar packed foods can negatively affect your child´s mood, behavior and information retention. Sugar even in small amounts acts as a type of rush in the body, that can at first make your child hyperactive depleting them of focus and then making them crash into a groggy and irritable state.

What is Brain Food?

Ideally ¨brain food¨ is the combination of proteins, ¨good fats¨ some complex carbohydrates, and the right amount of water intake. The best types of meals and snacks for your child are those that contain a well balanced amount of that combination. For example; a healthy egg scramble with spinach, potato, and olives with a side of cut-up apple and walnuts would make a great breakfast.

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