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One of the best ways to improve your child's reading skills is through practice, practice, and more practice. The more a student reads the more they will improve all aspects of their reading abilities. However, although it is important to encourage your child to read, it is also important to do it in a way that does not make them feel overwhelmed by it. The following are two fun and engaging games that can help promote a love for learning without having to nag your child to read.

2 Easy and Simple Games for Improved Reading

  • Sight word memory card game. Grab a few blank index cards of the same size and write a few sight words. Write one word per index card, and make matching pairs of index cards. Next, line up all the memory cards facing down on the table and have each child take turns turning over two cards. If they are a match, they get to take the pair, if they aren't, they need to turn them back over and wait for their next turn. The child with the most index cards wins. This game is ideal for young children to reinforce the bases of reading, such as proper identification of sight words.
  • Reading hot potato. This is a similar version of hot potato but with reading involved. It is the perfect game for older children that are already starting to read on their own. Everyone gets in a circle and a book is passed around. Every person that gets the book must read a sentence out loud before passing the book on to the next person. When the person in charge yells stop, whoever is touching the book must state any information they learned from the story so far or give a brief description of what is going on in the reading. If they can't, then they are out of the game. This continues until there is only one peson left. This game is a great way to practice reading abilities and agility all while staying concentrated on the game rules. For more ideas on other fun learning games you complete this summer, read this post.

Reading Tutoring in Stone Mountain GA

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