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Some students shy away from math (be it because they think it's too challenging, or because they think it's not important). Still, it's crucial that every students learns how to do math to develop their logical thinking and to understand the world around them better. If you notice your child shies away from math, this post will teach you how to encourage them.

How to Encourage Your Student to Do Math Confidently

  1. The first step in helping your child is to lead by example. Your child learns how to behave from you, which means that if you react negatively to math, so will they. Don't shy away from math so . your child doesn't shy away from it, either.
  2. Learning math can be a challenging feat to accomplish at times. That's why you need to be there for your child. Answering their math questions, or simply encouraging them to keep trying, can help give them the support they need to succeed.
  3. If your child's math aversion comes from them thinking learning math is useless, help them realize that math is everywhere. Use real life math examples (for example, in the kitchen) to ensure they understand that math is important.
  4. Last but not least, the best way to improve on any skill is to practice it often. For that reason, you should provide your child with as many practice opportunities as possible.

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