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Increase Your Child´s Working Memory With Tutoring

Having a low working memory is by no means a sign of low intelligence. It does, however, mean that a student will have a harder time in certain areas and may struggle to correctly complete assignments, do well in tests, or in other activities. This is because the working memory is responsible for the quick jotting down of information for use. There is great importance in the function of the working memory, which is why it is crucial to keep it working effectively. Today at The Tutoring Center in Stone Mountain, we want to share some enjoyable ways to elevate the working memory in children.

Games that Improve Working Memory Performance

  • Card games. Most card games such as go fish, snap, or UNO can be used to improve the working memory because they require that the instructions and rules are kept in mind while the game progresses. Players are also required to make ongoing decisions while sticking to the rules of the game. All of this means that the working memory is taking information and putting it to use correctly. It is great practice and an amusing way to do so.
  • More active games. There are also several more active games for children that get the most out of physical activities. This includes games such as hide and seek where children use details and other clues or simple trial and error to find their friend and chase them down. Plotting their moves, keeping track of where they have already looked, and sticking to the game rules requires that they use their working memory.

Quality Learning With Tutoring in Atlanta, GA

Tutoring is one of the most helpful ways to improve your child´s working memory and reduce other learning difficulties. Regardless of the obstacles your child may face, a bright academic future awaits them with the best tutoring in Atlanta, GA. Call us today at (470) 282-5181.


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