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Tutoring Information on Interjections

Parts of speech make up the proper grammatic structure of all writing. Not all writing is strictly academic or entirely formal, sometimes writing is used as a more personal form of expression. Interjections are parts of speech that help structure more relaxed forms of writing. Today at Tutoring Center in Stone Mountain, we want to take the time to focus on interjections and explain how they are used.

Information on Interjections and How They Are Used

  • Interjections are one of the eight basic parts of speech.
  • Interjections are exclamations and strong expressions or commands that are expressed vividly.
  •  Examples: ouch, wow, oops, oh, gosh, etc.
  • Interjections are not necessarily grammatically related to the rest of the sentence and can normally stand on their own.
  • Many of the softer interjections are separated from the sentence by a comma. Ex. Oh, I´m not so sure.
  • Stronger interjections set a more expressive tone and have an exclamation mark. Ex. Gosh! You have grown so much.
  • Interjections are not usually found in very formal context or strict academic writing.

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