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Promote Learning Through Games and Play

We thrive best when we actually enjoy what we do, and learning is no exception.Taking pleasure in learning is key to being successful in all areas of life, especially academically. That is why today at the Tutoring Center in Stone Mountain we want to share a quick and fun way to promote learning while playing a fun game at home.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is an active game that is ideal for children that don't like to sit in one place and play board games. The great thing about this game that it can be played both indoors or outside. For the sake of the instructions, we are naming it an indoor scavenger hunt and it is a really fun way to learn, move and have some laughs. For younger kids you can make a written list of items that can be found inside the house so that they get to practice their reading skills and logic abilities. For older kids you may want to write a list of questions and the answer is what they are looking for. For example, if the question shows "3+X=5" and it says to look for X number of socks , they would have to find exactly 2 socks. The fun thing is that you can make it as easy or as difficult as you´d like and everyone can participate. For more information on promoting education visit our blog, and be sure to read our previous post on how to improve learning through nutrition. 

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