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The Importance of Vocabulary Building

Many school subjects are connected; some have obvious connections, like reading and writing, while others aren't so obvious. Vocabulary building is one of those subjects that affects other subjects. Its impact on reading and writing is obvious but in other subjects, like math and science, it is less noticeable. This, however, doesn't mean it's any less important. Encouraging your child to learn new words and terms in a more enjoyable way can definitely help them improve in all school subjects. That is why it is important that you work on vocabulary building at home.

Tips to Work on Vocabulary Building and Improvement at Home

  • Reading is one of the most beneficial ways to improve in many areas, but it can be crucial when it comes to vocabulary building. Encourage reading time and maintain a focus on books that are a little above your child's reading level.
  • There might be a few new words your child has not heard of before when you raise your child's reading level, but encourage your child to write down words they are unsure of and then help them look them up.
  • As your child begins reading more advanced books, challenge them to use the new words they learned. For example, if one of the new words they learned is magnificent instead of saying, ¨I had a really good day,¨ they can say, ¨I had a magnificent day.¨
  • Play vocabulary building games and activities to practice new vocabulary and spelling. For example, you can say, ¨I'm thinking of a word that starts with m and ends with t.¨ Your child gets to ask a maximum of 3 questions to guess what word you are thinking of.
  • When your child has fun reading, they also have fun learning new vocabulary. Read the following tips on how to encourage reading fun at home.

Vocabulary Building and Reading Tutoring in Stone Mountain GA

Building up your child's vocabulary improves their ability to comprehend and do well in all other school subjects. Since vocabulary building requires practice and consistency, it is important to work on this at home and outside the classroom. Tutoring is the ideal way to improve vocabulary and performance in all school subjects. Contact The Tutoring Center, Stone Mountain GA right now at (470) 282-5181 and enroll your child in the best academic programs today.


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