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Believe it or not, how you grip your pencil can have a real impact in your life, as it can affect your penmanship, your fine-motor skills, and more. For that reason, it's important that you teach your child the correct way to hold their pencil. Read this post to learn how.

How to Teach a Child to Hold a Pencil Correctly

  1. It will be hard for your child to hold their pencil correctly if they don't know what the right gripping technique is. Teach them to do the tripod grip with their thumb, middle, and index fingers, as it offers the most support and it's the most ergonomic method.
  2. If your child has some trouble mastering the tripod grip, assist them with a pencil grip aid, a tool that's meant to teach them to coordinate their fingers. Give them one in fun colors to encourage them to use it.
  3. If needed, provide your child with shorter pencils. This will help them overcome the bad habit of using their whole hand to grab the pencil, as the gripping space is reduced.
  4. As with learning any other skills, mistakes will be made. That's why, you should be attentive of your child, so you can correct them and remind them to use the tripod grip.
  5. Lastly, guarantee that your child practices enough, so they can develop their fine motor skills and utilize the right gripping technique each time they hold a writing tool.

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