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Don't Cram for a Test, Instead Learn!

Contrary to what many believe, most tests shouldn't require endless nights full of studying. In fact, tests are supposed to verify that the information was learned, not crammed into the short-term memory.  That is why today we want to share the top three ways to ensure your child learns their lesson well, so that they can have an easier time on a test.

3 Important Things That Students Need to Do to Have an Easier Time on Tests

  1. Paying attention. Listening and paying attention in class allows students to learn their lessons faster and also allows them to better grasp the information. If they understand what is being taught, they will remember it easily and not struggle so much when the test comes around. Good listening skills are an important part of paying attention. Learn more about how you can help your child improve his/her listening skills in our previous post here.
  2. Taking good notes. Taking notes can be quite helpful in many ways. Doing so can help students learn better because it engages their other senses and skills. It also allows them to have a good reference of what they learned. Students should try to make notes concise and neat so that they are easy to understand and helpful when they are studying. 

  3. Completing homework assignments. Homework and other practice activities are all a part of putting to use what is taught in class. Doing so can help students review at home. When students complete their assignments they get a better idea of what areas they are having a hard time in or where they need some extra help. This means they can ask questions in class and have their doubts cleared up before the exam.

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