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Keeping your child learning and focused during the winter break is not as hard as it sounds. It is, however, necessary to take some time to think ahead and actively encourage educational activities that your child can engage in. Read on to find out how you can make your child's winter break more productive.

What to Do to Ensure Your Child Has the Most Productive Winter Break

  • Set a schedule.  You don't need to have a rigid schedule, it can actually be quite flexible. Just organize certain activities that need to get done throughout the day. You can start by just fitting in one activity that needs to get done before lunch and one that needs to be done before dinner. The activities can be things such as completing any over-the-break homework or reading, some free time, and maybe even chores.
  • Have fun together. Both structure and learning can be fun. Spend time as a family and go out or relax. Have a fun movie night where you each pick a movie and explain why you chose it. Any game or activity can be a learning opportunity. For example, hide and seek lets children practice counting and observation skills. Going out for groceries involves math calculations. Even board games allow children to improve their working memory. For a fun winter break family activity, you can try out this indoor educational scavenger hunt.

This Winter Break, Get Your Child the Best Tutoring in Stone Mountain GA

This winter break, prevent and address educational struggles the best way by getting your child the best tutoring help. At The Tutoring Center, Stone Mountain GA they have the most friendly and qualified tutors that will teach your child the tools for a better learning outcome. Contact them right now at (470) 282-5181 or (678) 557-2124.


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