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What happens when you don't think about certain information or practice your skills? You forget about them, right? Well, that same thing can happen to your child during their winter break if they don't reinforce what they learned in school. Not only that, but winter break learning loss can...
Some people may think that having good spelling is no longer necessary. However, they should know that spelling allows us to communicate more effectively with one another, as well as understand each other better. For that reason, you should follow the tips below to help your child develop...
Time management is crucial for students who want to keep track of and achieve all of their academic goals. A student planner can be a great tool for that purpose since it helps you keep your duties organized. However, you need to manage it effectively for it to fulfill said purpose. For a few...
Oftentimes, a successful student is one that can organize their thoughts effectively. These strong organizational skills, of course, are apparent in other areas of their academic life as well, for example, their notebook. That's why, if you're not the most organized student but would like to...

The Importance of Vocabulary Building

Many school subjects are connected; some have obvious connections, like reading and writing, while others aren't so obvious. Vocabulary building is one of those subjects that affects other subjects. Its impact on reading and writing is obvious but in other...

Don't Postpone Discussing College with Your Child

Going to college is a subject that every parent should discuss with their child. The problem is that many assume this is an academic topic that schools should handle. Don't wait until high school to bring up the subject at home. Instead, talk with...

Reading Tutoring and Games

One of the best ways to improve your child's reading skills is through practice, practice, and more practice. The more a student reads the more they will improve all aspects of their reading abilities. However, although it is important to encourage your child to read,...

Getting Rid of Procrastination with Tutoring in Stone Mountain GA

Students regularly face external challenges and obstacles, but many times their own habits and lack of study skills can be what is causing their issues. Procrastination is one of the most common bad habits that affects students....

Don't Cram for a Test, Instead Learn!

Contrary to what many believe, most tests shouldn't require endless nights full of studying. In fact, tests are supposed to verify that the information was learned, not crammed into the short-term memory.  That is why today we want to share the top three ways...

Listening Skills That Your Child Needs

There are many study skills and learning abilities that students benefit from, but few are as essential as listening skills. Listening skills are the backbone of education for students in general because most academic systems are based on an auditory method...


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