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Reading is an incredibly beneficial activity to engage in. Plus, if you do it with your child, both of you will to experience other advantages. To learn what these could be, continue reading.

How Reading With Your Child Can Benefit Them

  1. First of all, reading with your child will allow you to spend more time with them. This will strengthen your bond, which can even have an impact in how your child relates to others later on.
  2. Being an avid reader can bring a slew of benefits, such as improved communication skills. If you set a time to read with your child every day, they'll begin to build the habit of reading frequently and will be able to reap its benefits.
  3. Having the mental ability to understand a book fully requires practice. For that reason, the more you read with your child, the more they will develop their reading comprehension skills, especially since they can turn to you if they have any doubts on the material.
  4. Another way to help your child improve their reading comprehension as well as their critical thinking skills, is to ask them questions. This way, you can monitor what they're getting out of the book.
  5. Lastly, when you read with someone else, you get the opportunity to share your thoughts on the reading material. This will give all of the parties involved new perspectives on the text, which can be very enriching.

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