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Reading is a basic skill that helps children learn more about the world around them. Learning said skill, however, can be a challenge. To help your child along that journey, follow the tips below.

How to Teach a Young Child to Read

  1. First, you should read to your child often. Aside from being a great bonding opportunity, it will help them begin to associate what you say with what's written on the page.
  2. To begin to read, your child should first be familiar with the ABCs. Not only that, but they should know the relationship between letters and sounds. Once they understand that, teach them the sounds that different letter combinations make.
  3. To make this process a little more fun, you can use rhymes. Search for words that have a similar spelling and sound. This will make learning them a lot easier.
  4. An important part of reading is understanding what's being read. To help your child with reading comprehension, you need to be there for them: ask and answer questions, and get them engaged with the material.
  5. The key to developing any skill is practicing often. To keep them excited to read and practice, have them pick out reading material that piques their interest.
  6. Lastly, but most importantly, be patient. Learning to read is challenging, and you need to be as encouraging as possible. Your child will learn at their own pace, so don't overwhelm them.

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