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Calculators can be a great learning tools when used appropriately. However, when abusing its usage, it can hinder a student's learning process. That's why you should teach your child to use a calculator effectively.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a Calculator

  1. First and foremost, you need to guarantee that your child feels comfortable doing basic math operations on their own (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing).
  2. You can also let your child know that they can use other tools to do math calculations. For example, then can use a pencil, a blank piece of paper, and their brain to work out a math problem.
  3. It may also be a good idea to have a conversation with your child regarding the topic of calculator usage. This, to explain to them why they need to learn math and the cases in which they won't be allowed to use a calculator.
  4. If you want your child to use a calculator as a learning tool, then you will need to provide a calculator for them. At this stage of their academic life, it's likely that a standard, basic calculator will be best suited for them.
  5. Lastly, make sure that your child knows to only use the calculator for verification. This means that they can employ it to double-check a result once they've worked the math problem out on their own.

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