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Oftentimes, a successful student is one that can organize their thoughts effectively. These strong organizational skills, of course, are apparent in other areas of their academic life as well, for example, their notebook. That's why, if you're not the most organized student but would like to strengthen your skills so you can be a more effective learner, you should follow the tips below to keep your notebooks organized.

How to Organize Your Notebooks

  1. First of all, be sure to keep your subjects in separate notebooks to avoid wasting time searching for the right notes during your study sessions.
  2. Next, remember to put your name and grade on the cover of each of your notebooks. This way, if you ever misplace your notebook, you'll have a higher chance of getting it back.
  3. A good tip is to label each page in the notebook with a date and title. Doing so will help you track down the lessons that you have to study easily.
  4. Something to keep in mind is that you should avoid loose papers (keeping loose papers in your notebook or ripping the pages out of your notebooks), as it is likely that you'll lose them.
  5. It's also important that you try to be as clean as possible when you're taking notes. Doodles and mistakes can distract you when you study, so avoid them to have more efficient study sessions.
  6. Finally, create an index for each notebook to make them even more organized. To do so, number each page and create the index in the back of your notebook.

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