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Listening Skills That Your Child Needs

There are many study skills and learning abilities that students benefit from, but few are as essential as listening skills. Listening skills are the backbone of education for students in general because most academic systems are based on an auditory method of teaching. Without good listening skills, many students can fall behind easily.

Good Listening Skills Require More Than Just Hearing

It is important that both parents and students understand the big difference between listening and hearing. Most students tend to hear what the teacher and other classmates say without a problem. However, they cannot retain or truly process what is being said.  Good listening is actually paying attention, absorbing the information, and grasping it for interpretation. The words can just be heard but if they are not listened to and analyzed with good listening skills, the information will not be substantial enough for the student to effectively learn.

Examples of How Students Demonstrate Good Listenings Skills

  • Being able to identify the main idea
  • Reiteration of the concepts in their own words
  • Predicting
  • Summarizing
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Being able to sustain a discussion

Students That Lack Good Listening Skills Can Greatly Benefit from Tutoring in Stone Mountain GA

Bad grades, lack of interest,  having difficulty comprehending the material, and low participation can all be signs of poor listening skills. Help your child improve their learning abilities and listening skills by getting them the extra help they need. Tutoring is the perfect way to complement their learning and enhance their educational performance. Contact The Tutoring Center, Stone Mountain GA, today at (470) 282-5181 and ask for a free consultation.


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